Harley Davidson Motor Technician Certification

You can receive a diploma or take two-year or four-year degree programs.

A person who studies motorcycle technology gains the skills to perform repairs, diagnose motorcycle problems and perform general maintenance. You may learn general motorcycle repair; however, as a certified mechanic you can learn specific skills to work on Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Numerous technical schools offer both general motorcycle technician and Harley-Davidson technician certifications. Some courses can be completed in approximately one year.


To become certified as a Harley-Davidson motorcycle technician you will need to learn skills specific to the Harley-Davidson brand. Courses include learning about the engine controls, the chassis and the engines, according to WyoTech. Schools provide hands-on training for taking apart the specialized engines such as V-Rods and Big Twins. The student learns adjust these engines and reassemble them as well as taking other courses, such as electrical and suspension.

Certification and Licensing

You may need to be licensed or certified to work on motorcycles or other vehicles, depending on specific state requirements, according to Education-Portal. You may also be required to take continuing education classes as a licensing requirement. According to UTI, Inc., a technical institute, its Motorcycle Maintenance Institute (MMI), offers the Harley-Davidson Mechanic Entry-Level Skills Assessment (ELSA) after completing your training. The assessment helps match your skills with jobs, depending on your level of expertise.


Schools throughout the U.S. offer Harley-Davidson-specific motorcycle technician programs and certification. WyoTech has nine locations in places such as Wyoming and California. MMI also offers a motorcycle technology program in Orlando, Florida or Phoenix, Arizona. MMI states that you can receive the training you need in approximately one year.

Certification Benefits

A certification in Harley-Davidson motorcycle repair helps you receive the technical skills for the job. Many shop owners may only hire technicians that have certification for Harley-Davidson, especially if the shop is a certified service center. The need for motorcycle repair technicians may be strong as more people purchase motorcycles due to the economy and rising fuel prices.