Harley Davidson Motorcycle Tools

Carry only a few essential tools in your Harley Davidson toolkit.

Brand new Harley Davidson motorcycles often come with a basic toolkit for minor roadside repairs. Used bikes may not include tools, and you may wish to build a small toolkit to keep on your bike. With hundreds of tools on the market, it is not easy to decide which ones you will need. The following suggestions may help you determine the most essential tools, and those that will only add unnecessary weight.

Basic Tool Kit

A basic tool kit, when purchased from a reputable company, will offer all the basics you need for roadside maintenance. Cruztools offers the Roadtech H3 Tool Kit for about $100. Beza offers the Windzone Tool Set for around $60. Harley Davidson has the Snap-On Tool Kit for around $200. Each kit is specifically designed for Harley Davidson bikes and includes wrenches, pliers, sockets, hex keys, torx keys and screwdrivers.

Spark Plugs

Malfunctioning spark plugs is one of the more common reasons for roadside maintenance. Have a spare set with you as a part of your tool kit. A spark plug gap feeler gauge is a helpful tool. Make sure you have the appropriate sized ratchet and socket to removing and reinstalling spark plugs.

Helpful Extras

A kit is not complete without a few basic necessities. Add a flashlight, tire gauge, tape, lube and cable ties if they are not already included in the kit you purchase. Carry a cell phone with you when riding your Harley for the times you need more than your tool kit to get back on the road.