Harley Davidson Seat Installation Instructions

Being able to remove and install your Harley-Davidson’s seat may not seem like an important skill, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, removing the seat is a requirement for many of the basic maintenance procedures your motorcycle will call for as the miles pile on. The seat is much easier to take off and reinstall than you probably think. With a little practice, you’ll have the job done in just a few minutes.


1. Place a towel around the seat’s rear mounting strap to protect the rear fender. Remove the screw from the mounting strap.

2. Unscrew the mounting bolts securing one end of the strap to the motorcycle’s frame rails with a 7/16-inch socket and a socket wrench. Lift the strap off and away from the seat.

3. Lift the passenger’s portion of the seat; pull the entire seat towards the rear fender until the metal tongue under the nose of the seat slides out of the catch below the gas tank. Lift the seat away from your motorcycle.

4. Hold the new seat at a slight angle above the motorcycle’s frame rails, pointing the front of the seat downward. Slip the seat’s metal tongue into the frame’s catch; lower the seat onto the frame rails.

5. Push the seat forward until the mounting strap on the rear of the seat is aligned with the rear fender’s screw hole. Screw the seat’s bolt into place through the mounting strap and the rear fender.

6. Pull the passenger grab strap tightly over the seat.. Screw the strap’s mounting bolt into your motorcycle’s frame rails, using the socket wrench and a 7/16-inch socket.