Harley Davidson Special Tools

Harley-Davidson motorcycles are heavy bikes popular with many motorcycle clubs.

Harley-Davidson motorcycles have a unique design, mainly in their shape and exhaust system, and tend to be heavier than the average bike. For owners of these American classics, there are places — namely specialty bike shops and the Internet — where specialized tools for Harley models may be purchased.

Primary Drive Locking Tool

This tool is made for the primary purpose of locking a Harley-Davidson in place to perform maintenance. In order to keep the Harley locked in place, the tool must be placed between the chain and the motor sprocket. The tool is made completely out of the thermoplastic known under the brand-name Delrin and is made to work on all types of Harley bikes.

Torque Angle Gauge

Nicknamed the “Screamin’ Eagle,” the torque angle gauge is used for close-precision assembly. It comes with a dial face that helps when accurate measurements are needed. It’s mainly used to ensure that fastened parts are not too loose or too tight.

JIMS Cam Removal and Installer Tool

This is a multi-function and multi-part tool for removing the front and the rear camshafts. It also can be used to remove ball bearings.

Magnetic Tappet Lifter

The magnetic tappet lifter is designed to hold up the tappets on a Harley-Davidson, making it easier to remove and replace a camshaft. Made of aluminum, the tool uses industrial-strength magnets suitable for holding and changing camshafts. These typically come in sets of two.

5-Speed Close Ratio Gear Sets

These are used to rebuild Harley-Davidson transmissions. All of the gears and shafts that come in these sets are made of solid steel in the United States. Although they may seem small, the gear sets are some of the most expensive tools available for Harleys.

Trock Cam End Play Checker (with Indicator)

This is a handy tool for anyone who wishes to either change and replace the camshaft or do repair work on an engine. This stable measuring tool is also suitable to use with Harley push-rods. However, this tool won’t word for the Twin Cam 88 Harley Davidson models.