Harley Davidson Windshield Mounting Instructions

Bikes with windshields attached to the forks.

Despite the popularity of windshields on Harley Davidson motorcycles, windshields are not standard features on some bikes, while other bikes have small OEM (original equipment manufacture) windshields. Adding a windshield or changing out a stock windshield is quick and painless, can save you money and can make your riding more pleasurable and safe by protecting you from flying debris, by lessening wind fatigue and by making the bike more aerodynamic.

Things You Will Need

The items needed to add or change out a windshield on a Harley Davidson motorcycle include screwdrivers in various sizes and clamps with rubber protectors. You will also need a few things specifically from a Harley Davidson dealership: specific service manual for your bike, the windshield and windshield installation kit, and brackets if they do not come with your windshield or installation kit.

No Faring

If your bike does not have a faring you will need to buy a windshield and installation kit that is made for mounting onto the forks of the bike.

Non-detachable windshields that attach to the forks are mounted above the headlight and are adjustable to personal preference. Windshields are clamped and bolted in place; dampers are mounted on each fork; and spacers are used to protect the bikes finish and to correctly space the windshield between the brackets and the forks.

Detachable windshields that mount on the forks simply snap into place above the headlight and are held in place by wind pressure.


If your bike has a faring on it you will need a windshield and installation kit made specifically to attach to the faring.

As most farings come with windshields, or the ability to add one at a later time, chances are the faring already has the holes pre-drilled in it. If for some reason yours does not, you will need to drill the holes yourself or have them done for you by the dealership or reputable mechanic.

If you are replacing a pre-existing windshield or installing a new on a faring with preexisting holes, simply unscrew the bolts at the bottom of the windshield that hold it to faring. Inspect the gaskets; make sure they are present, in good shape and lie flat. If reusing the trim, remove it from the old windshield and put it on the new one before screwing the new windshield into place.