Harley Davison Performance Tips

Harley Davidson is one of the most popular brands of motorcycle.

Motorcycles are often considered a dangerous form of transportation, but they also are enjoyable to many and offer a way to save money on fuel costs. Harley Davidson motorcycles were first developed in Wisconsin during the early part of the 20th Century, and they eventually became so popular that other merchandise featuring the company’s logo was created. To get the most out of their bikes, Harley Davidson owners can take advantage of performance tips.

Routine Maintenance

Harley Davidson motorcycles are not a practical mode of transportation during the winter months in many climates, but they need to be properly cared for in order to still perform well when they are used again. If it is left sitting long enough, fuel in a Harley Davidson can spoil. Make sure to add fuel stabilizing products to a Harley Davidson’s gas tank if it is not going to be used. Run the engine for at least 15 minutes to make sure the product works properly. Fuel tanks also can be drained, but since some fuel will still remain, it is still a good idea to use fuel stabilizer. Even if the Harley has not reached the desired mileage level for an oil change, make sure to change the bike’s oil anyway to prevent damage that could negatively affect performance. Regardless of the time of year, oil changes are crucial to keeping any automobile in shape.

Carburetor Tuning

Make sure to tune the carburetor. To tune a carburetor, first remove it from the vehicle’s engine while it is still attached to the choke cable, and then remove the throttle cables. When working on the carburetor, keep the area clean. Substances that enter the device can cause performance problems. Find the mixture screw near the spigot and tighten it to tune the carburetor. Once tuned, simply reattach the throttle cables and place the carburetor back in the engine.

Helpful Products

Harley Davidson motorcycle owners can improve the performance of their automobile by installing or using certain products. While most Harley bikes come with a dual fire ignition, the installation of a single fire model is better for reduced vibration and quicker start-ups. Single fire ignitions also are better for the environment. A small device called a battery tender helps improve performance, as it helps to cut down on the depreciation of a battery. Batteries lose their charge over days, but a battery tender reduces the effect of sitting on a battery.