Harley Diagnostic Tools

Harley diagnostic tools help you diagnose problems and reset error codes.

Diagnostic scan tools help you isolate problems with your Harley-Davidson motorcycle by relaying the diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) associated with the problem. The tools plug into your bike and read the information provided by the engine control module (ECM).

Motorbike Scanner

This tool lets you connect to your On-board diagnostic (OBD) system, engine control unit (ECU) and anti-lock brake system (ABS) to determine what is wrong with your Harley. It captures and displays data in real time, which lets you view system data as it is happening. It also allows you to erase DTC codes after you fix the problem.

The Motorbike Scanner tool outputs information to a liquid crystal display (LCD) screen, which is backlit for easier viewing. If you buy a complete kit, it comes with a battery cable, two other cables and a carrying case.

Twin Scan

The Twin Scan II Series has two ends. One plugs into your dashboard, and the other plugs into your laptop. The captured information will also output to a Windows-based computer. The device comes with a built-in data logger, which lets you capture up to 45 minutes of statistical data, including DTC codes.

The Twin Scan kit comes with all the needed cables, the scanner itself, software and a carrying case. This program features a graphical user interface (GUI), which uses radio buttons and checkboxes as opposed to writing code. It captures real-time engine data that you can save or print out.

Scan Tool for Motorcycles

The Diagnostic Scan Tool for Motorcycles is designed for different types of bikes, including Kawasaki, Harley-Davidson, Suzuki and BMW. Both consumers and technicians can use this device. It shows you the statistical information about your motorcycle on the device’s screen. You can use it to read DTC codes and reset your key system and error codes. This tool is compatible with European, American and Japanese motorcycles and all terrain vehicles (ATVs).