Harley Driver Backrest Mounting Instructions

Learn mount a Harley backrest.

Harley Davidson is a world famous company because of their high quality, expensive motorcycles. Many of these bikes come with a backrest mount pre-installed. If your Harley Davidson didn’t, however, you can install one yourself. The process takes about an hour, and can be completed by one person alone. Once the mount is installed, your backrest will stay securely in place and you’ll be able to ride for longer distances while minimizing back pain.


1. Open the box that contains the Harley Davidson backrest mount and lay out all of the pieces on your workbench. Make sure that you have two metal plates, and four screws. If you’re missing a piece, contact Harley Davidson to get replacement parts before moving forward to the other steps.

2. Find the backing plate; which is the smaller of the two plates included in the supplies. It’s important that you install the correct metal plate to the bike so that the backrest will be secure.

3. Anchor the backing plate onto the Harley via the two smaller screws that were included in the kit. There are already ports on the motorcycle to screw the screws into. The backing plate is installed directly behind the seat.

4. Insert the two larger screws onto the mounting plate. There are only two holes for screws on the anchor plate, so you should clearly see where they go. Be sure to tighten these screws as far as they will go.

5. Slide the stamped cover onto the backside of the mounting plate. It will hook right onto the screws from the mounting plate. No tools are necessary to complete this task.