Harley Fat Boy History

Harley Davidson manufactures a variety of motorcycle styles.

According to Harley Davidson, manufacturers of American motorcycles, the Fat Boy motorcycle style was added to their Softail lineup in 1990. Since then, the Harley Davidson Fat Boy model has become a legendary motorcycle.

Engine Evolution

Harley Davidson equipped their first line of Fat Boy motorcycles with 1340 cc engines. The engine would later be upgraded to a 1450 cc engine in 1999 and then a 1584 cc in 2007. The 2011 Fat Boy edition was updated once again to feature a Twin Cam, 96B, air-cooled engine.


Harley Davidson offered the first Fat Boy models in one standard paint color, gray. Additional manufacturing characteristics that have always set the bike apart from the competition are it’s solid cast aluminum wheels and trademark wide bodied fuel tank.


The Fat Boy style has proven itself to be the best selling motorcycle among the Softail line of Harley Davidsons.