Harley Fuel System Options

The Harley Davidson is an American symbol of the open road.

Harley Davidson motorcycles are manufactured in a wide range of body styles to suit a variety of performance and riding style needs. Further upgrading the motorcycle’s mechanical components, in particular the fuel system, allows the rider to have greater acceleration and power with increased fuel economy over the life of the bike. New exhaust pipes, air filters and out-board diagnostic systems allow the rider to effectively monitor the performance of his vehicle while ensuring that his ride has the latest equipment.

Fuel Injection Upgrades

Harley motorcycles have software and diagnostic upgrade options available for the entire fuel injection system. These improvements, like the Daytona Twin Tec Auto-Tune, allow the rider to fully customize his bike’s air to fuel mixture via improved software connectivity, increasing fuel economy and engine performance. Daytona’s diagnostic system also allows for fully programmable cold-start, idle air control and rpms which permits the Harley to fit aftermarket engine upgrades to allow for higher airflow.

Air Cleaners

Upgrading the factory installed air cleaner is an important step in improving fuel system quality for the Harley Davidson. A larger air filter will improve acceleration and boost, which can be effectively managed through a newly upgraded fuel injection system. K & N Custom Air Cleaners create air filters specifically designed for Harley Davidson motorcycles that improve performance and protect against debris intake that can clog a fuel system and retard performance.

Exhaust Improvements

The exhaust is the means by which spent fuel gas is expelled from the Harley. Slip-on exhaust systems provide a slight aesthetic improvement over factory installed components and provide a boost in fuel economy and power. According to harley-performance.com, the HD Screamin’ Eagle II is one such popular exhaust option that provides the rider with a professional racing level of performance and exhaust management.