Harley Grips Installation Instructions

Harley grips are very important in maintaining control of your motorcycle.

A loose handle bar grip on your Harley can cause a slip on the road that could result in serious injury or even death. It is imperative to keep your Harley grips in good order to keep control of your motorcycle. Over time, your Harley grips will become thin and loose due to use. When your grips need replacing, you can take your bike into a shop, or if you have sufficient knowledge of mechanics and the proper tools, you can do it yourself.


1. Position the new left grip so that the larger diameter side of the flange is at the bottom. Push the grip completely onto the handlebar.

2. Position the lower switch housing beneath the grip with the grooves on the outboard side. The switch housing will fit over the flange on the end of the grip. Position the upper switch housing over the handlebar and the lower switch housing.

3. Screw in the upper and lower switch housing screws partially. Do not tighten these yet. Run the wire harness conduit through the depression at the bottom of the handlebar.

4. Position the clutch hand lever assembly inboard of the switch housing assembly. Engage the tab on the lower switch housing into the groove at the bottom of the clutch lever bracket.

5. Align the hole in the handlebar clamp with the clutch lever bracket hole. Start the lower screw with a flat washer on it. Align the switch housing and the clutch hand control for rider comfort.

6. Tighten the upper handlebar clamp screws. Tighten the lower handlebar clamp screws. Tighten these to 60 to 80 in-lbs using the torque wrench.

7. Tighten the lower switch housing screws. Tighten the upper switch housing screws. With the torque wrench, tighten these to 35-45 in-lbs.

8. Make sure that the right grip/throttle sleeve rotates and returns freely.