Harley Muffler Tips

Upgrading your Harley Davidson with an aftermarket muffler can increase its performance.

Customizing the exhaust system on a Harley-Davidson is essential for most riders to get both the performance and the look that they want out of their ride. An essential part of the exhaust system is the muffler. Upgrading the muffler and adding aftermarket parts will increase the efficiency of your Harley’s motor, giving you better horsepower and making an added style statement.

Slip-Fit Mufflers

A slip-fit muffler is an aftermarket muffler that can be used with your original stock Harley exhaust pipes. A slip-fit muffler will not only give you added performance but will give the engine a nice growl as well. Slip-fit mufflers increase air flow so exhaust exits more efficiently from the exhaust. Newer slip-fit mufflers, such as the Sportster Shorty Dual Slip-Fit Mufflers by Harley-Davidson, are made to meet all applicable federal emissions standards. Choosing the best slip-fit muffler for your bike depends on the performance you want out of it, how much you are willing to spend and what you want your bike to look like.

Louder Isn’t Always Better

A long-cherished belief holds that the louder an engine is, the more powerful it is. This is not necessarily the case and some aftermarket mufflers will actually make your engine quieter while giving it more horsepower. In addition, loud motorcycles attract negative publicity, prompting Harley-Davidson to create quieter exhaust systems for its bikes. In 2009, Harley-Davidson addressed the issue of motorcycle noise by posting an article on its website. Harley-Davidson has attempted to stop racing exhausts from being used on street models by restricting shipments to dealers who are allowing exhaust systems that are meant for the racetrack to be placed on street model bikes. Taking off your bike’s muffler or switching to a louder exhaust will not necessarily make your bike faster, and it might attract negative attention.

Recalibrate the Engine

When you add an aftermarket exhaust system to your Harley-Davidson you will need to recalibrate the engine. Have the engine fine-tuned and remapped to compensate for the free-breathing exhaust. It is also advisable to rejet your carburetor. However, wait to rejet the carburetor until you have completed fine-tuning it. Recalibrating the engine will ensure that it works efficiently with the new exhaust.