Harley Painting Ideas

Harley Painting Ideas

There are an unlimited number of ideas for painting a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. The large motorcycle frame is filled with many shapes that can be manipulated into a variety of designs. A custom paint job gives your motorcycle a unique look that sets you apart from the pack. You can go with a small design on just the gas tank or a large design that covers the entire machine.

Small Harley Painting Ideas

The most popular small design for a Harley-Davidson motorcycle is flames coming from the front of the bike and facing the rear. Flames are often painted on the gas tank, front mudguard and back mudguard. Detailed skulls on the gas tank and skull designs on the mudguards are also popular.

Be as bold or delicate as you want when it comes to small designs on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. You can have a huge, realistic tiger painted on the gas tank or a tiny, delicate butterfly painted along the frame. Paint a leopard print on the front of the bike or a giant pair of puckered lips on the back of the bike for a bold look. Paint a small eagle on the top of the gas tank or a few thin stripes along the sides of the gas tank for a delicate look.

Large Harley Painting Ideas

Large designs for painting a Harley-Davidson motorcycle usually involve one solid color for the body with a second color for the trim. For example, the Harley can be covered in candy-apple red paint and trimmed with white around the chrome. You can also use midnight blue paint flecked with silver glitter for the body and black trim around the chrome.

Cover the body with flame patterns for a large Harley painting idea with a dangerous style. Have a long dragon snaking along the sides of your motorcycle for an exotic style. Cover the motorcycle in blue and white paint to create a cloudy sky pattern for a whimsical style. Paint streaks of lightning from the headlight to the back of a black motorcycle for a sleek style.

Wild Harley Painting Ideas

Wild paint is only recommended if you’re comfortable with people staring at you and your motorcycle. But the amusing designs can help reflect your personality and create a unique piece of machine art. Try a white motorcycle covered with polka dots in assorted colors for a vivid style. Cover the machine with a pastel floral pattern for a feminine style.

Use a purple and yellow plaid pattern to paint a Harley-Davidson motorcycle with a comical style. Cover the motorcycle body with water blue paint and add an assortment of painted tropical fish around the machine for an aquatic style. Cover the motorcycle with a detailed pattern of cartoon monkeys and bananas for a wacky style.