Harley Push Rod Cover Kit Installation Instructions

When you want to upgrade the look of your Harley, adding a chrome cover to hide the pushrods is the way to go. While the pushrods are a necessity for the motorcycle engine to run, it is not necessary for you and others to see the pushrods at work. A Harley pushrod cover kit adds the finishing touch to the motorcycle. The cover is an accessory item that you can install without having to take it to a mechanic or repair shop.


1. Set the lifters. Remove all spark plugs from the motorcycle engine. Push the motorcycle on to a center stand to lift the motorcycle off the ground. Push the transmission gear to put it in fifth gear. On the left side of the motorcycle, place a finger over the spark plug hole on the cylinder. Use your other hand to rotate the back tire of the motorcycle until you feel air pushing out of the spark plug hole. Continue to rotate the tire until the air pressure stops. Now the lifters on the cylinder are in the lowest position possible on the cam, which allows you to remove and install the support plate.

2. Remove the spring-cap container. Slide a straight slot screwdriver into the loop on the pushrod cover of the spring cap. Press down on the spring cap while simultaneously pushing outward with the screwdriver. This pulls the lower pushrod cover off so you can see the lower portion of the pushrod.

3. With a wrench, turn each jam nut on each pushrod to the left so that the nut is loose. Push down on each of the three pushrods so that each one is as short as it goes.

4. Remove each of the pushrod covers and pushrods from the motorcycle engine.

5. Take the O-rings off the seats of the engine, which is where the bottom and top of the pushrods meet the engine.

6. Remove the lifter cap from the motorcycle engine by removing each of the four screws holding the cap to the engine.

7. Remove the gasket (that was under the cap) from the engine. Also, remove any material connected to the gasket and the engine, but do not allow any material or debris to fall into the engine.

8. Attach the new lifter-cover gasket. Remove these items from the packaging and attach the lift cover gasket to the motorcycle engine, placing the new cap over the top and fastening with the four screws from the packing.

9. Place the O-rings, pushrods and pushrod covers back in place.

10. Move each of the three pushrods up until each one reaches the zero level in height.

11. Turn each jam nut to the right to tighten the nuts using a wrench. If the pushrods turn while tightening the jam nuts, use a wrench to hold the pushrod and another wrench to hold the adjusting screw.

12. Wait 10 minutes to allow the lifters to bleed down to protect the pushrods from bending.

13. Repeat the removal and installation for the front cylinder of the motorcycle.