Harley Rocker Seat Specifications

In 2008 Harley-Davidson introduced the Rocker in the softail line of motorcycles. This modified softail is a low-slung, chopper-looking bike. Unlike other softails, the Rocker’s rear fender is mounted to the swing arm, which means that the rear fender goes up and down with the rear wheel. This fender configuration prohibits any seat attachment to the rear fender. The Rocker’s single rider seat is attached to the frame, like other softail seats, but passenger pillion seating must remain free from the rear fender and depend upon struts attached to the driver’s seat. The stock Harley seat hides the passenger pillion to maintain the chopper look.

Two-in-One Trick Seat

The stock seat comes with an industry-first design. It looks like a single rider seat, but that is deceiving. When you lift the stock seat, you’ll find a passenger pillion seats folded up underneath it. You lift this passenger pillion up and back, and then set the single rider seat back down, and you now have a place for your passenger to ride. This passenger pillion is attached to the main seat with metal struts and looks like a padded luggage rack. This is enough to get your passenger on board and safely cruise around town.

Seat Height

The stock seat height, as measured from the ground, is 25.2 inches, or 641 mm.


This is basically a “plain-vanilla” motorcycle seat. It is classified as a two-piece seat because it has the built-in two-in-one trick passenger pillion concealed inside. It is not adjustable and it does not come with optional heating or backrest. The stock seat material is leather.