Harley Rocker Torque Specifications

The Softtail Rocker is a cruiser style motorcycle that is produced by the American company, Harley Davidson. This motorcycle is considered to be fairly large and has classic Harley Davidson looks. Cruiser motorcycles are built for a smooth ride and, to better increase handling, these motorcycles reach their peak torque rating at a low rpm.

Torque Specifications

The Harley Softtail Rocker has a peak torque rating of 86.3 foot-pounds when its engine is operating at 3,200 rpm. Reaching the peak torque levels at a low rpm allows for increased handling and performance. The Softtail Rocker achieves this torque rating with a 1,573 cc, twin-cylinder, four-stroke cycle engine. The compression ratio is 9.2-to-1 and the cooling system uses air. The standard transmission of this motorcycle was a six speed manual that had a belt final drive. This motorcycle could reach its peak torque rating while still in third or fourth gear. The combustion mixture is injected electronically in the engine’s cylinders in a sequential pattern.

Chassis Specifications

The rake of this motorcycle is 38 degrees. The rake reflects the degree of the angle between the headset tube and a vertical line. The front tire has a wide point of 3.5 inches and an aspect ratio of 90. The front rim has a diameter of 19 inches. The rear tire of this motorcycle has a wide point of 9.4 inches and an aspect ratio of 40. The rear rim diameter is 14 inches. The front brake was a single disc with four piston calipers and the rear brake also was a single disc with two piston calipers.

Dimensions and Other Information

The Harley Softtail Rocker is 95 inches long and its wheelbase is 69.2 inches wide. This motorcycle clears the ground by 5.1 inches and the seat sits 26.2 inches from the ground. The dry weight of this motorcycle is 660 pounds while the curb weight is 690 pounds. The curb weight reflects the weight of the motorcycle with a full tank of gas, all the necessary fluids and all standard equipment, while the dry weight does not. The fuel consumption of this motorcycle is 54 miles per gallon.