Harley Seat Installation

Your Harley Davidson motorcycle’s stock seat is prone to wear out after years of use, developing unsightly cracks or tears in the seat cover. Installing a new seat in place of the worn stock unit will help restore the look of your Harley back to its factory level. Furthermore, there are numerous Harley Davidson accessory seats, as well as custom aftermarket units, available for most Harley models. Replacing the stock seat with a customized unit will help your Harley stand out with a unique look.


1. Park your Harley on a flat, solid surface. Ensure the bike is sturdily supported by the kickstand before you begin installation of the seat.

2. Remove the stock seat mounting bolts. These are hex bolts mounted into the rear of the seat, securing it to the bike’s frame. The seat will be free to unlock once the mounting bolts are removed.

3. Slide the stock seat toward the rear of the bike, unclipping it from the front seat bracket. Slide the replacement seat in place of the stock unit, into the front bracket. Secure the new seat by reinstalling the stock mounting hex bolts.

4. Grip the sides of your new seat and pull up on it firmly to ensure that it is properly secured to your Harley. For further bike customization, accessories can be added to your custom Harley seat, such as saddle bags.