Harley Specialty Tools

Harley-Davidson motorcycles require specialized tools for maintenance and repair.

Harley-Davidson motorcycles are an American-made motorcycle option available on the market. Maintaining the motorcycle requires the use of tools designed specifically for motorcycles and Harleys. Specialty tools made specifically for Harley-Davidson motorcycles make maintenance easier.

Sifton Valve Spring Compressor

The Sifton valve spring compressor is a tool designed for any Harley-Davidson motorcyle produced since 1936. The tool is used for changing valves, guides or any other engine headwork on the motorcycle. It’s a basic specialty tool for maintaining Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

Wheel Bearing Removal and Installation Tool

The wheel bearing remover tool does as the name implies, assisting with wheel bearing maintenance on Harley-Davidson motorcycles. It fits several Harley-Davidson models. The tool makes removing the wheel bearings easy and prevents damaging the motorcycle’s tires.

Harley-Davidson All-in-One Folding Tool

A Harley-Davidson All-in-One folding tool looks similar to a pocketknife. It has several tools designed specifically for use on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle in one small and compact device. It includes the basic screwdrivers and wrenches as well as “Torx” T27 and T40 keys and hex keys. Its compact size makes it ideal for taking on travels in case repairs are needed on the road.