Harley Tech Information

Harley techs conduct maintenance and repairs to operating systems of Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

If you are a motorcycle buff interested in making a career of your passion, the job of a Harley-Davidson technician could be a good place to start looking. According to Education-Portal.com, these professional mechanics can earn which may top $28,000 annually (as of January 2011).


Harley techs, or mechanics as they are often referred to, perform routine maintenance and repairs specifically for Harley-Davidson brand motorcycles. These techs require specialized training to work on the high torque, twin engines found in these particular types of motorcycles.

Skills And Outlook

Harley techs or mechanics should possess above-average skills in mechanical aptitude and technical skills. The job outlook for those trained through the Harley-Davidson Company is expected to be good due to the fact that maintenance on these motorcycles generally requires a higher level of skills.


Those interested in working as a tech for a Harley-Davidson dealership must first complete a basic motorcycle mechanics course, often found in technical schools. Many candidates get a foot in the door by working as an intern in a dealership. Applicants hired to work at Harley-Davidson are sent to the company’s special training school to learn the specifics of Harley bikes.