Harleydavidson Bathroom Decorations

Harley-Davidson enthusiasts see their bikes as works of art.

Anyone who drives a Harley-Davidson or admires the style sees the machine as a bit of art, so it’s natural that some people have dedicated a corner of their homes to decorate in Harley style. The Harley-Davidson influence will even work in an area as small as the bathroom. Does this Spark an idea?

Spirit of the Decor

Decide what Harley-Davidson means to you. Is it the lure of the open road, the science of the machinery, or the social interaction with other Harley riders that you most enjoy? Your bathroom decor can be directly affected by which of these points most appeals to you. For instance, if the social interaction is most important, frame a picture of you and your friends riding down the road or posing outside one of your favorite haunts.

Harley Colors

Incorporate the Harley-Davidson colors of black, white and orange into your bathroom, whether it’s on the walls, in the shower curtain or the area rug. As a fun accent, paint flames coming up the wall from the floor. Get a friend to help you dip a motorcycle tire in black paint and run it at an angle up the wall for a quirky touch.

Odds and Ends

Mount a pair of motorcycle handlebars on the wall as towel racks, use a Harley-Davidson beer stein as a toothbrush holder, or frame pictures from old Harley-Davidson catalogues to hang on the wall as art.