Harleydavidson Mechanic Schools

Motorcycle technology and repair schools are available throughout the United States. Most of these schools include courses in the basic repair of all models of motorcycles, while offering special certification for Harley-Davidson technology. With your Harley Davidson certificate in hand, opportunities will open up at many Harley-Davidson dealer repair shops.

Motorcyle Mechanics Institute

The Motorcycle Mechanics Institute offers two locations: Orlando, Florida and Phoenix, Arizona. The course is 48 weeks in length with 12 weeks specializing in Harley-Davidson repair training. New classes begin every six weeks. The school provides information on local housing and is helpful in finding employment for students. The teachings include current technologies and procedures implemented by motorcycle dealerships throughout the United States.


WynnTech has numerous schools throughout the United States. The school offers special training for Harley-Davidson motorcycles, after required basic courses are completed. The school also offers classes in automobile repairs. The student takes eight core classes of general technology and repair. which include the chassis and engine controls. After the eight courses are completed the student can electively choose to work on the repair of Asian motorcycles, European motorcycles or Harley-Davidson bikes.

North Carolina Community College.

North Carolina Community College is the first college in the state to offer a motorcycle repair curriculum. The motorcycle mechanics course takes place in an on-campus shop that is equipped with the latest technology and tools available; and is supported by major manufacturers. The course is designed to prepare students to inspect, diagnose and repair all motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles. The faculty assists students after graduation with securing positions in dealerships and shops. A special certification is awarded for a training course in Harley-Davidson.

Lincoln Training Institute

Lincoln Training Institute is located in East Winchester, Connecticut. The training course provides specialized manufacturer motorcycle training with European, Asian and Harley-Davidson motorcycles. The campus houses 30 classrooms completely equipped with computer labs and a learning resource center. The campus is equipped with a financial aid office, cafeteria and career services department.