Harleydavidson Oil Change Instructions

Keeping your oil changed will keep your motorcycle in great working condition.

Maintaining your motorcycle is important. A part of keeping your motorcycle in great condition is changing the oil. You need to change your oil frequently, about every 3,000 miles. This will prolong the life of the engine and provide more security when going out for a ride.


1. Take the filler cap off of the oil tank.

2. Put a basin under the drain plug on the oil tank.

3. Hold a siphon,which can be just a length of hose that is open on both ends, under the drain plug. Make sure that other end of the siphon is in the catch basin.

4. Open the drain plug with a socket wrench. Keep the siphon in place with your free hand. Drain all the oil from the tank. Remove the siphon and reattach the drain plug. Remove the catch basin and place it where that it won’t get spilled.

5. Remove the seat of your motorcycle. Find the correct socket that fits the bolts. Remove the bolts and the seat will just lift off. When the seat is off you will see the cylinder that houses the oil filter.

6. Remove the lid to the cylinder’s housing and remove the cylinder.

7. Remove the clip that holds the cylinder’s cap in place, using needle-nose pliers. Take the lid off and remove the old oil filter.

8. Put the new filter in the cylinder and lock the cap back in place. Put the cylinder back in its home and replace the cylinder’s housing lid.

9. Replace the seat and secure the bolts back on. Tug on the seat to make sure that it’s secure.

10. Pour new oil into your oil tank. Read your service manual to find out exactly how much oil you need. All models are slightly different. Put the filler cap back on tightly so you don’t have any spills.