Harleydavidson Paint Options

Add a little bit of color or a lot; it’s up to you.

Whether you need to touch up a small scratch or completely recover your ride, the options for painting your Harley-Davidson are quite varied. For example, you could invest in an official Harley-Davidson color for a base coat, paint your entire bike an original and new color or even invest in a specialist designer to custom paint an image or motif to a certain part of the bike. Ensure more than anything, however, that the colors are always accurate and correct to the original Harley base-coat.

Exact Paint Colors

If your Harley has been chipped or knocked then you might have to repaint only a small section of the bike. Although the paint job itself will be very straightforward, finding the exact paint color to match the bike’s existing finish can be a little more difficult. Fortunately there are several companies and websites that specialize not only in finding the right color for your motorcycle but also providing you with the paint. ColorRite–a website that specializes in motorcycle paint–can find the exact color value of your bike with its paint wizard. The wizard simply asks for the year, type, make and model of your bike before revealing the colors painted on it at production. For example, if you own a 2011 Harley FLHX Street Glide then the colors you need will either be vivid black, scarlet red, merlot sunglow or black denim (depending on the part of the bike). You should also contact your Harley dealer and enquire about the paint you require. All motorcycles will come with a specific list of paint colors and mix values, so a dealer will most likely know exactly what you need and get it.

Custom Paint Sets

Try sprucing up the look of your motorcycle by adding a custom paint design, which comes in a variety of images, colors, patterns and styles. For example, you might consider adding a red flame fire motif to the front of your ride or maybe even a sexy airbrushed female or she-devil. Either way, custom paint companies are usually more than qualified to design, produce and paint the thing you want, no matter how intricate or simple. Vivid Dragon is one such company that specializes in custom paint jobs, specifically for Harley Davidson bikes. Their products are particularly useful because they can paint almost any Harley-Davidson bike part, whether it’s one of your own or a new one to be sent to you. Vivid Dragon use House of Kolor paints for their designs and layer all images with a Clearcoat finish for protection. See the official websitee for further information.

Base Coat Color

Choose a new shade or an entirely different color altogether.

Sometimes all a motorcycle needs is a new color and a new coat of paint. However, if your bike is a Harley then you might want to invest in an official Harley-Davidson color. Cycle Color is a site that offers the entire color swatch list for the Harley-Davidson range, from a dark purple (code FTR18) to a nugget yellow (code MEE7). The site also provides a lost of the custom color mixes provided by Harley-Davidson and whether they should be used as a mid-coat, base-coat or otherwise. See the website for further information.