Harleydavidson Screamin Eagle Exhaust Tips

Harley-Davidson is a leader in the industry when it comes to motorcycles. The Screamin Eagle exhaust system is a muffler setup in the exhaust of a motorbike that allows it to imitate the aggressive sound output produced by Harley-Davidson’s professional racing exhaust system for its motorcycles.

The Sound

A motorcycle fitted with a Screamin Eagle exhaust can sound like a bike on the racing circuit even when it is not in motion. The good news about these exhausts is that they are road-legal. Most performance enhancements have the disadvantage of not being road-legal despite the high performance they offer. The Screamin Eagle exhaust combines a large internal volume with maximum flow baffles to achieve the perfect balance needed for usable performance.


The tips of the Screaming Eagle exhaust are made of the highest quality steel that is chrome-plated to give them a dazzling finish that will attract a lot of attention. The pipes for this system are unique from the stock pipes because of their larger size and come in a variety of shapes and curves, with some of them having fins that mimic those of a fish. These types of exhaust can fit otherwise ordinary motorcycles, improving their aesthetic appeal and giving them the exhaust note of a powerful racing machine.


These slip-on muffler kits normally require the use of additional muffler clamps. To install the muffler, the old muffler should be removed. The Screamin Eagle muffler slides onto the exhaust pipe and is clamped it into place.