Harleydavidson Tricks & Tips For Performance

Riding motorcycles is an enjoyable acitivity.

Harley-Davidson tips and tricks for performance are easy enough that anyone can get the most out of his motorcycle. All it takes is the ability to follow instructions and the determination to get your hands dirty. It is also a matter of pride for Harley-Davidson owners to be able to get greater performance from their motorcycle on their own, without bringing it in to a service shop.

Synthetic Oil

Synthetic oil is better for Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

Some Harley-Davidson owners have experimented with using various kinds of motor oil to determine what makes their Harley-Davidsons run better and smoother. According to the Harley-performance.com website, using synthetic motor oil over petroleum-based oils results in superior performance. Using synthetic oil that is non-Harley-Davidson branded–such as Amsoil–equals even better performance than when using Harley-Davidson-branded synthetic oil. After his experiment, the Harley-performance.com website owner discovered that synthetic motor oil provided his Harley-Davidson with cooler operating temperatures and much-improved shifting.

Carburetor Jetting

Carburetor jetting helps if your Harley-Davidson still operates too lean.

Carburetor jetting should be done on a Harley-Davidson if the carburetor has been tuned, yet your motorcycle is still operating too lean. Carburetor jetting involves first replacing the motorcycle’s pilot jet and then the main jet. The main jet should only be replaced once the midrange and the idle of your Harley-Davidson’s engine have been sufficiently adjusted. You don’t need to be a mechanic to successfully complete this performance tip; you require only screwdrivers and a collection of jets.

Upgrading the Carburetor

Upgrading a Harley-Davidson’s carburetor is a simple task.

If your Harley-Davidson was made before 1989, it likely has a butterfly carburetor instead of the newer constant velocity carburetor. The latter type of carburetor provides a beneficial gas mileage along with above average performance, which is why you may be interested in upgrading. Upgrading a Harley-Davidson carburetor from the butterfly type to the constant velocity type is a straightforward process. In many cases, it only involves fitting a flange adapter in between your Harley-Davidson‘s manifold and its carburetor.

Using a Battery Tender

A battery tender will keep your Harley-Davidson running throughout the day.

A battery tender is a necessity if you do not use your Harley-Davidson every day, or if the motorcycle is in storage for a certain number of days. According to the Harley-performance.com website, batteries that are stored for only 12 days will lose nearly half of their charge. To guard against this, Harley-Davidson owners should invest in a battery tender. All it takes is attaching your alligator clips to the tender’s terminals, and then plugging the tender into an outlet. A final, useful tip is to keep the battery tender connected to your motorcycle over night; this should reduce any chances of your Harley-Davidson leaving you stranded when you ride it.