Harleydavidson Windshield Instructions

Adding a windshield to a Harley-Davidson motorcycle is something that most Harley owners do eventually, since windshields do not come standard on Harleys. Harley-Davidson has made adding a windshield very easy using their Quick-Clamp Docking Kit, which doesn’t require any tools. In just a few minutes, you will have added protection from the rocks and bugs that come flying at you as you cruise down the road.



1. Remove the windshield subassembly from the packing. Place it face down on a clear, soft surface with the mounting brackets facing up.

2. Remove the clamp and hardware kits from the packaging. Separate similar parts in preparation for assembly.

3. Pre-assemble the clamps and hardstacks. One clamp at a time, with the clamp facing up and inboard of the windshield bracket, tighten the shoulder bolt enough to hold the clamp to the windshield during mounting on the motorcycle.


4. Open all four clamps. With the clamp side facing away from you, bring the windshield to the front of the motorcycle.

5. Straddle the front fender and center the windshield around the headlamp. Seat the clamps on the fork sliders.

6. Close each clamp, starting at the bottom and with the shoulder bolts just a little more than finger-tight. Note that the clamps self-align to the fork sliders and to each other.