Have A Moving Wallpaper

Moving wallpaper, also known as animated wallpaper, is wallpaper that features animation, moving figures and features. Moving wallpaper is similar to moving screen savers, but moving wallpaper is always on your computer screen since it serves as your wallpaper. Different methods exist for you to have a moving wallpaper.


1. Download a moving wallpaper from a website that offers free moving wallpaper downloads (See Resources for websites). Simply browse through the moving wallpapers until you find the one that you like, click on the download link or button and select your computer’s screen resolution (usually 800 by 600 or 1024 by 768). Then click on “Start,” “My Computer,” “Control Panel,” “Display Properties,” and then the “Desktop” tab. Locate your moving wallpaper within the background section and apply it.

2. Install Vital Desktop Software on your computer, which is a program that sets up your Windows screen savers as your computer’s desktop, so if you want to use one of your computer’s screen savers as your moving wallpaper, you can. Simply download Vital Desktop (See References for download location) and run the installation wizard to install it on your computer. Open VDconfig.exe and then click on the screen saver within the “Screen Saver” tab of the “Display Properties” window that you want to serve as your moving wallpaper to apply it as such.

3. Download a moving wallpaper maker to your computer. With a moving wallpaper maker, you can animate any picture or image that you have on your computer by simply selecting the type of animation that you want and then clicking on your image to position the animation where you want it to appear. These types of downloads often require a fee of at least $20, although you can sometimes acquire a freeware one (See Resources for moving wallpaper generators).