Helmet Lock Work On A Motorcycle

Helmet locks provide a reliable and secure way to stash your motorcycle helmet.

Helmet locks on a motorcycle come in varying shapes and forms. The most common is the stock, universal helmet lock. Many motorcycle companies have these helmet locks included on their bikes.


Universal motorcycle helmet locks are the most common. These locks work by inserting a key which releases a clamp or bar. Place “D” rings (the metal rings on the chin strap) through the clamp. Remove the key from the lock and close the metal clamp, the clamp cannot open without the key.


Bolt locks use a strong cord which tie through your helmet. After locking the bolt, the helmet becomes tautly tied to the bike. License place helmet locks replace your current license plate holder with a specialized one that has a helmet key and clamp lock built onto the side.


When you purchase a new lock, consider the placement of the lock. Some locks tie the helmet onto the handlebars, while others must be clipped or screwed onto a specific pipe on the bike or your license plate. Also, anti-theft screws can be used to make removing the lock difficult.