Highperformance Products For A 1991 Honda Goldwing

Torque and horsepower can be improved with a performance exhaust.

The Honda GoldWing 1500 from 1991 has a number of aftermarket options to boost performance. Some options boost the horsepower and torque of the bike and others improve handling and control. Proper bike maintenance is also important for the performance of the GoldWing and should be performed according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Performance Exhaust

Allowing the exhaust emissions to flow more easily from the engine increases performance by reducing the back pressure on the pistons. This means less power is wasted on pushing exhaust gases. Exhaust systems have the advantage of raising engine power without sacrificing fuel economy. Torqmaster Pipes makes a series of performance exhausts for the GoldWing, including the Torq Loopz.


Adding extra power to the bike usually requires an upgrade to the brakes and rotors for safety and control. Extra-light, drilled rotors reduce vibrations and help remove dust, water and grime from the brake pads. This helps the bike stop more reliably. EBC makes a series of rotors called X and XC for a variety of motorcycles including the GoldWing. According to EBC, their rotors are lighter and offer higher friction than conventional rotors.


The tires are the bike’s connection to the road. Boosting horsepower and performance is important as long as the motorcycle can be safely ridden. In addition to checking tire pressure, keeping tires clean, and regularly checking tires for damage, performance tires can help make a difference in the ride. There are a variety of performance tires available for the GoldWing from Honda, Conti Motion, Avon Cobra Radial, and Shinko.