Hiren’S Boot Cd Instructions

You can rescue your hard drive with Hiren’s Boot.

The most frustrating part of a computer crash is recovering lost data or restoring Windows without formatting the hard drive. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars for a computer technician to fix the virus or bug, one CD can solve the problem and help back up information on the computer. This free CD is known as Hiren’s Boot.

Set Up

Hiren’s Boot is not available in stores. It must be downloaded from the Internet through secure websites. Visit the official website to download the CD. Beware of other websites that offer the download. The disk is downloaded as an ISO file. The ISO files can be burned using software programs such as Nero. Burn the disk to a DVD instead of a CD by using a program such as IMGBurn.


Once the disk is burned, place it on a DVD or CD drive on the computer and restart the computer. After the computer displays its default first screen, the disk will scan and load the Hiren’s Boot menu. The menu gives users three options. The options are to start the computer normally, load Mini Windows XP or load the disk. Choose the disk-loading option to work within the disk parameters and run in DOS. DOS is a simplified process that uses only text. The CD provides shortcuts to each utility.

Mini Windows XP

To clear a virus and use a large collection of Hiren’s Boot tools, choose the Mini Windows XP option. A simple version of Windows XP will load on the computer. It might take a few minutes to load everything because it processes files directly from the CD. Once it has loaded, wait for the Hiren’s Boot disk menu to pop up. Select the “Menu” option and scroll through the programs. The disk features Windows password hackers, registry cleaners and a large collection of antivirus software.


A main portion of the disk features anti-virus software. Spybot Search and Destroy scans a computer for the most likely spyware and removes it. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware finds root kit viruses and Trojans that could affect computers and spread through networks. Super Antispyware is an all-in-one scanner that detects and eliminates all types of viruses. Run one scan at a time. Do multiple scans because one program might find a virus that another program misses.