Honda 600 Specifications

Shadows are a range of motorcycles created by Honda that first hit the market in 1983 and was last seen in 2007. The series varied, with engine displacements alone ranging from 7.63 cubic inches to 109.84 cubic inches. The 1993 Honda VT 600 Shadow is a cruiser bike that was originally released in black, though options for a chrome engine case and valve covers were added in the deluxe version.


Below a 63-inch wheelbase is a 19-inch diameter front wheel. A tire 3.9 inches long with a sidewall height of 3.5 inches encases this wheel. At the back, a tire 6.7 inches wide with a sidewall height of 5.4 inches fits onto an 18-inch diameter wheel. The seat is positioned 26.4 inches from ground level. The Honda has a dry weight — the weight of a vehicle once emptied of all of its fluids, such as gas and oil — of 407.9 lbs. When it does have fuel, however, the VT 600 can store a maximum of 2.38 gallons of gas in its tank, with half a gallon in reserve.


The engine of the motorbike is a V design, meaning the cylinders are ordered in a V shape. The cylinders are three inches in diameter, known as the bore, and each cylinder contains four valves that control exhaust gases from the engine. Pistons travel 2.6 inches within the cylinders. The engine is a four-stroke design, which means in every crankshaft rotation the intake, compression, power and exhaust strokes take place. The displacement of the engine is 35.57 cubic inches, which is the volume swept by the pistons in a motion from top dead centre, TDC, to bottom dead center, BDC.The compression ratio — the ratio of the cylinder head volume compared to the piston volume before and after a compression stroke — is 9.2:1. All of this achieves 43 horsepower at a rate of 6,500 revolutions per minute and 30.4 foot-pounds of torque at 3,500 revolutions per minute.

Other Features

A water cooling system prevents the engine from overheating and ensures it performs to its potential. A single overhead cam design means that the camshaft is positioned above the combustion chamber. Transmitting the engines power into the wheels is a four-speed gearbox transmission system. An electric starter and ignition system kicks the Honda into action. Expanding drum brakes in the back and a disc brake with two piston calipers in the front are on hand when it is time to stop the VT 600.