Hook Up A Bluray Player To Get Dolby True Hd And Dts Hd Master Audio Sound

Hook Up a Bluray player to Get Dolby True HD and DTS HD Master Audio Sound

HD Audio sound is awesome and its only available from your Bluray ( also known as blue ray ). The Sound quality is a huge step up from even the old Dolby Digital sound tracks. But how exactly do you get it? Its easy once you know how.


1. Forget about Optical and Co-ax Digital connections.

Those 2 options do not carry Dolby HD or DTS HD.

2. Understand HDMI.

HDMI is the best way to get Dolby True HD and DTS HD Audio.

Its all digital and offers HD video with 8 channels of HD audio all in one thin cable.

HDMI offers new features not found in other connection methods.

HDMI is the connection of the future and today. HDMI carries HD video in 1080P plus it carries 7.1 channels of high definition Audio.

3. Buy an HD-Audio Receiver.

Look for receivers with DOLBY HD and DTS-HD logos on the unit. Also check for HDMI 1.3 compliance. HDMI 1.3 ensures your connection carries the newest technology-features for video and audio.

TIP: The HDMI connection on your receiver can affect image quality. The digital signal passes through the receiver, extracts the HD audio (in the digital domain), and passes the digital video onto the display. The most desirable receivers accept the full 1.3b HDMI signal, extract the audio and pass the digital video unchanged in any way. Better Receivers with upscalers allow for a direct pass with all scaling and overlays shut off. This allows for a cleaner, sharper image.

If you already own a receiver that predates HD-audio but has a 7.1 or 5.1 analog input, you have a low-cost option. You can buy a Bluray player with a built-in HD-audio decoder. This can be an acceptable alternative to buying an expensive HD Audio receiver, but the Bluray player will cost a little more. Please check this article’s cautions about this option.

4. Buy a Blu-ray player that is HDMI 1.3 ready. All units built in JAN 2009 or later should be 1.3 compliant.

5. Buy 2 HDMI cables rated as 1.3 compliant.

6. Connect the 1st HDMI cable from the bluray player to the receiver HDMI-IN.

Connect the 2nd HDMI cable from the Receiver HDMI-OUT to your TV or projector.

7. Turn everything on in the right order.

HDMI is all digital so you want everything to find each other.

Turn on the Receiver, then the Blu-ray, then the TV last.

The TV should always be last so it can look for an live input.

8. Play a movie. You wont get HD audio until you are in the movie. Menu screens rarely contain HD audio.

Once the movie is playing, check the receiver front panel for a light that says HD AUDIO or similar. Some receivers use a large blue HD Audio logo, while others may use a similar indicator.

9. If it turns out the HD Light is not on, Check the following.

#1. Make sure your movie has HD Audio. It is always clearly marked on the blu-ray case.

#2. HD audio receivers have many settings. Make sure you have set it to one of the modes that support HD audio. Typical choices are…



dts HD + …