Hook Up A Hdtv To Stereo Speakers

Hooking up stereo speakers to an HDTV requires a set of self-powered speakers such as the small units for a computer. These have internal amplifiers and require a separate electrical outlet. Self-powered speakers are necessary to prevent a drain on the TV’s internal amplifier, which is not designed to provide power to external speakers.


1. Plug a set of RCA cables into the audio Output jacks on the back of the HDTV using the white plug for the left channel and the red plug for the right.

2. Plug the opposite ends of the cables into the two jacks on the miniplug adapter.

3. Plug the miniplug adapter into the audio jack on the back of the right-channel speaker. This is the speaker that also has a power jack for the AC adapter that plugs into a wall outlet.

4. Connect the audio cable from the left-channel speaker to the remaining audio jack on the back of the right speaker. This jack is labeled “L,” for “left.”

5. Connect the speakers’ AC adapter to a wall outlet and switch them on to hear stereo sound from the HDTV.