Hook Up A Sony Tv To A Computer

Connecting your Sony to your computer is a straight forward process.

Hooking up your Sony TV to your computer allows you to view content displayed from your computer on your Sony TV. When you connect a TV to a computer, it is basically the same process as connecting an external monitor to your computer. Most modern Sony TVs have direct PC video input ports, which means you won’t need a video cable adapter to connect your Sony to your computer.


1. Insert the video cable into your computer’s video output port. If your computer is equipped with an HDMI port, use an HDMI cable. If it doesn’t have an HDMI port, use a VGA cable.

2. Plug the opposite end of the video cable into your Sony TV. The video input ports are located on the back of most Sony TVs.

3. Connect the 3.5 mm audio cable from your computer to the Sony TV only if you’ve used the VGA cable. The HDMI cable doesn’t require a separate audio cable. Insert one end into your computer’s headphone jack and the opposite end into the PC audio input jack on the back of the Sony.

4. Change video source on your Sony TV. Click the “TV/Video” button on your Sony remote, which is located at the top of the remote for most Sony models. When you press this button, the input source cycles through each port. Stop when you’ve reached the port your computer is connected to. For example, if you’ve plugged in to the “PC” video input port, press the “TV/Video” button on the remote until you see “PC Input” on the screen.

5. Alter video display settings on your computer. Even though your computer is now displaying on your Sony, you’ll want to change display settings on the computer to make the picture look as good as possible. Open “Display Settings” by clicking “Start,” “Control Panel,” “Appearance and Personalization” and “Adjust Screen Resolution.” Increase the resolution until you are satisfied with the display on your Sony. You’ll likely want to increase the resolution to the maximum resolution.