Hook Up A Super Nintendo System

Super Nintendo Entertainment System

The Super Nintendo Entertainment System is a 16-bit third generation video game console that was released in 1991. The Super Nintendo enjoyed a long reign at the top of the home console market. However, the system was discontinued when more advanced gaming systems hit the market. Even though support for the SNES no longer exists, the console still has a fan base due to the high quality of the games produced for the system. You can hook up a Super Nintendo on any TV.


1. Set the Super Nintendo in a convenient location. You do not need to worry about overheating or blocking vents. Plug the power cord into the back of the SNES. Insert the power cord into the wall outlet or surge protector.

2. Hook up the Super Nintendo System to the television. A coax cable or composite connectors can be used for a cable TV. The composite connectors have red, white and yellow connectors on one cord. You can use either method, depending on the ports your TV carries. Screw the coax cable into the back of the TV in the round metal connector. Plug the composite cable in to the corresponding color outlets.

3. Plug in the game console controllers. Push the controller connectors all the way into the ports in front of the SNES. Insert a game into the top of the Super Nintendo console. Turn on the console by pushing up on the “Power” bar.