Hook Up A Vizio Tv To Cable

Vizio is one of the leading brands of home liquid crystal display (LCD), high-definition (HD) televisions in the country. Some of the televisions crafted by the company are actually less than one inch thick. If you have the opportunity to purchase and own a Vizio LCD HD television and are a cable subscriber, you need to make sure the TV is connected to the receiver properly. If not, the signal is not going to come through properly while viewing the broadcasts.


1. Contact your cable provider. If you want HD service, you need to set this up with them. Most often it is roughly 10 extra dollars a month. You may also have to wait for a replacement cable receiver to be dropped off, depending on what company you use.

2. Plug an HDMI cable into the HDMI port on the back of the cable receiver. Connect the other end of the cable into one of the available HDMI ports on your Vizio television.

3. Power on both the television and the cable receiver.

4. Press the “Menu” button on the cable receiver‘s remote control. Select “Options,” followed by “Settings” (the actual wording may differ depending on what cable company you use).

5. Select “Aspect Ratio,” choose the aspect ratio that is correct for your television (720 or 1080), and accept the picture change.