Hook Up A Yamaha Home Theater System & A Tivo Hd

You can connect surround sound equipment directly to a TiVo receiver.

The TiVo HD is a high definition digital video recorder that gives you the ability to save video programming at any time of the day. You can then play the programs whenever you wish. You can also hook up the TiVo to audio surround-sound equipment, including a Yamaha home theater system. This ensures you enjoy the best audio possible from your recorded content.


1. Plug the digital optical audio cable into the “Digital Out” port on your TiVo HD receiver.

2. Connect the opposite end of the cable into one of the “Digital In” ports on the Yamaha receiver. Take note of the number printed next to the connection port.

3. Power on the TiVo HD receiver and the connected Yamaha home theater system.

4. Press the digital input button that represents the connection you have the TiVo receiver connected to. The recorded programming audio now plays over the Yamaha home theater system.