Hook Up A Yamaha Receiver To An Hdtv

The use of an audio/video receiver such as those manufactured by Yamaha is an excellent way of maximizing your home-entertainment experience. Outputting the audio from your TV, DVD player, video game console or other home-entertainment device through the AV receiver’s speakers enhances the volume and sound quality. It’s a process that is simple enough for anyone to connect and use without issue.


1. Examine the TV and the AV receiver to see what connection types are available for you to use. Whatever connections are labeled “out,” “output” or “audio out” on the TV can be used to connect to the AV receiver. Make sure the same type of connection is available on the Yamaha receiver’s input ports and get the corresponding cable or cables.

2. Attach the audio connection cable or cables from the output ports on the TV to the input ports on the AV receiver. Take note of how the input is labeled on the AV receiver as you will need to know this later.

3. Tune the AV receiver to the input into which you attached the audio connection cable. Depending on what model of Yamaha receiver you are using, there might be an input selection control — usually labeled “input” or something similar — or there may be a separate button assigned to each input. Tune the AV receiver to the correct input and you should hear sound outputting through the AV receiver’s speakers.