Hook Up Harley Electric Gloves

Heated gloves extend your Harley riding season through the winter.

Like Harley Davidson motorcycles, Harley Davidson brand motorcycle clothing is often met with rave reviews by not only the Harley riding community, but also motorcyclists of all riding styles. Harley Davidson‘s line of heated gloves for winter and cold weather riding are versatile and easy to install with the right hand tools, and can extend your riding season. Harley Davidson’s heated gloves can either work in tandem with heated motorcycle jackets or by themselves.


1. Unbolt the driver’s seat from the frame of the motorcycle to access the battery compartment. The retaining bolt is located at the rear of the seat. Pull up the leather padding at the base to expose the bolt.

2. Loosen the positive terminal from the battery using the socket wrench, and then install the gloves’ wiring harness’ red wire to this point. Tighten the positive terminal back down.

3. Trace the negative black ground wire from the battery to the nearby frame ground. Use the screwdriver to remove the frame ground, then install the black wire from the wiring harness into this point and then replace and tighten the frame ground screw.

4. Replace the seat on the motorcycle, leaving the two prong electrical plug side of the wiring harness protruding slightly from under the front of the seat to provide easy access when plugging in the heated gloves.