Hook Up The Hdtv Cable For Wii

Hook up the HDTV cable for the Nintendo Wii

The video cable supplied with the Nintendo Wii can be used with both standard and high-definition televisions (HDTVs) with composite video connectors. However, the Wii console can also be connected to HDTVs using the optional Wii component video cable. The Wii component video cable is sold separately and can only be used with HDTVs that have component video connectors. Video displayed from the Wii will be of higher resolution than that from the standard Wii video cable.


1. Turn off both the Nintendo Wii and your HDTV before hooking up the Wii component video cable. Locate the connectors on the television labeled “Input (component).” The component input is usually located on the back of the television.

2. Connect the three video cables of the Wii component cable with the video component jacks on your HDTV. The three cables are bundled together separately from the two audio cables. Plug the green video cable into the green jack labeled “Y.” Plug the blue video cable into the blue jack labeled “Pb/Cb.” Plug the red video cable into the red jack labeled “Pr/Cr.”

3. Connect the two audio cables with the audio component jacks on your HDTV. The red and white audio cables are bundled together. Plug the red video cable into the red jack labeled “R” and the white cable into the white jack labeled “L.” Leave the yellow cable unplugged if your model of the Wii component video cable came with a sixth yellow cable.

4. Plug the rectangular connector at the other end of the component video cable into the “Digital AV Out” port located on the back of the Wii console.

5. Turn on both the HDTV and Wii. Press the “Input” button on your television’s remote control until the correct Input is found for the Wii. When the correct Input is located, the Wii home screen will be displayed on the television.