Hot Rod Tips For Cobra Pipes

Cobra Hot Rod exhaust systems improve a motorcycle’s looks and performance.

There is something about the low growl of a hot rod motorcycle that turns heads and excites motorcycle enthusiasts. In addition to improving the visual appeal of a street bike, a custom motorcycle exhaust system can also increase the motorcycle’s engine performance. One of the most highly recognized performance exhaust systems is the collection of Cobra Hot Rod exhaust systems.

Audio Improvements

Cobra Hot Rod exhaust systems remove the internal baffles that manufacturers design into their exhaust systems. By creating an uninhibited echo chamber from the motorcycle’s piston to the end of its exhaust pipe, motorcycles fitted with Cobra Hot Rod exhaust systems growl and roar, rather than purr quietly down the road.

Performance Improvements

High-performance exhaust systems also create performance advantages for motorcycle engines. By allowing the exhaust gases to exit the cylinder more quickly, the motorcycle engine can complete its four-stroke cycle faster, thus creating higher levels of torque and horsepower. According to Motorcycle USA writer Bryan Harley, the Cobra high-performance exhaust system installed on his Honda Fury II motorcycle increased the torque output by more than 10 percent and overall horsepower by more than 25 percent.

Visual Presentation

Perhaps the most important aspect of any motorcycle performance upgrade is the bike’s appearance when the upgrade is complete. Cobra high-performance exhaust systems are manufactured in a variety of styles, which all improve a bike’s appearance. Whether a rider is looking for clean, straight lines, or an exhaust system that flows with the natural curvature of the vehicle’s original design, Cobra Hot Rod pipes are available to match.

Related Engine Performance Upgrade Kits

Changing the dynamic properties of the motorcycle’s exhaust system also changes the engine’s performance. Cobra manufactures a number of engine upgrades that are recommended to bike enthusiasts when installing their exhaust pipe upgrades. Redesigned intake manifolds and electronic fuel management systems help ensure the motorcycle’s power plant gains the most power advantage available from the redesigned exhaust system.