How Are Hummers Made


The Hummer was originally made by AM General Corporation, which was formerly a division of the Jeep Company. They were made in the South Bend, Indiana plant of the AM General Corporation. In 1992, AM General began selling a version of its Hum-Vee to the public under the name of Hummer. In 1998, the brand name was sold to GM, which introduced two new models, the H2 and H3. The original Hummer was renamed H1. The H1 has since been discontinued.

How Are Hummers Made?

The H2 is built under a special contract at a plant in Mishawaka, Indiana. It shares GM’s GMT820 truck platform with a few other vehicles. On the other hand, these vehicles are all made in different plants and are distinctly different from the H2. The H2 is made up of three separate sections: the front section is a modified version of the GM 2500-Series Utility frame; the middle section is built completely from scratch; and the back section is based on a modified GM 1500-Series frame that has been altered to compensate for the significantly heavier weight of the H2.

Other Components

The standard Hummer engine is a 6.5L turbodiesel engine. While in the past there were a few other engines available, these have since been discontinued. The newest version, called the Hummer Alpha, comes with a Duramax engine. In general, a 2008 Hummer can go from 0 to 60 mph in 8.2 seconds. All Hummers are fitted with an automatic transmission, as this was required of the military Hum-Vees. H2s also have a Central Tire Inflation System that can inflate or deflate tires as needed using a switch. In addition, many H2s and other Hummers come with airlift hooks on their hoods, demonstrating their similarity to military models.