How Do You Get Album Art For A Wd Hdtv

Western Digital makes a type of hard disk drive that is designed to connect to your television and allow you to play content, such as videos and songs, from your computer. If you want to display album art for the songs you play on your Western Digital unit, you’ll have to add that album art to the songs before you transfer them to the hard drive. This can be accomplished in Windows Media Player.


1. Right-click on one of the audio files that you want to transfer to your Western Digital HD media playing device. Click “Open With” and “Windows Media Player.” This will open the song in Windows Media Player and immediately begin to play it. This will also add the song to your Windows Media Player media library.

2. Click “Stop” to stop the song that is playing in Windows Media Player.

3. Click “Music” on the left side of the screen. Locate the song that you just added to your media library. Right-click on it.

4. Click “Find Album Info.” The program will connect to the Web and download the appropriate album art onto the song file based on its track and artist names. The album art will be permanently added to the song file and will be available in any program in which you play the song.

5. Repeat Steps 1 through 4 for all additional songs you plan to play through your TV with your Western Digital TV media player. This will add album art to all the songs, making that artwork available to the Western Digital unit.