How Do You Remove Baffles From A Harley

You can remove baffles from a Harley in a few easy steps.

Removing the baffles on a Harley is usually done to create a louder sound for the ride. Many Harley riders believe that louder pipes save lives because a bike that’s heard is a bike that‘s seen. Before removing the baffles, a Harley owner should realize that performance will drop off a bit as a result; removing the baffles changes the way air moves through the engine and exhaust system.


1. Coat the inside of the exhaust pipe with the cutting oil. The cutting oil will help prevent sparks and metal shards from flying around your exhaust system as you are cutting.

2. Use the electric drill and hole saw to cut through the baffle–the hollow cylinder in the middle of the rear of the pipe. It is welded to a metal plate that holds the baffle in place. Place the hole saw over the opening and begin cutting. If sparks begin to fly, you may wish to stop and re-coat the muffler with cutting oil.

3. Using the needle-nose pliers, remove the baffle. Twist it, turn it and pry it until you can pull the baffle from the center of the muffler. Repeat the same process on the muffler.

4. Start the motorcycle and take it for a test ride. The sound coming from what is now a straight pipe should be deeper and throatier than it was before. Over time, the Harley’s performance might wane and you might need to re-tune the engine.