How Do You Use Tie Downs For An Electra Glide

A motorcycle is not going to be able to transport all of your belongings if you’re going on vacation or moving, but in both cases, you may want to have your motorcycle there with you. Transporting a motorcycle is not a difficult task if you have a truck trailer with tie down brackets to which bungee cord hooks can be secured. For most motorcycles, such as the Harley Davidson Electra Glide, you will need to install tie down brackets to allow the bungee cords to be secured to the motorcycle without ruining the frame.


1. Install tie down brackets on your Harley Davidson Electra Glide. Install tie down brackets to both sides of the front fork of your Electra Glide as well as one on each side near the back of the motorcycle. Position the tie down brackets on the Electra Glide and mark the bolt holes with a black Sharpie marker. Drill at the marks with a cordless drill and a high speed steel drill bit. Replace the tie down brackets and secure them with your hex bolts.

2. Move your Electra Glide into the trailer that will be used to transport the motorcycle. Lay down a motorcycle ramp leading from the ground into the trailer and push your Electra Glide up the ramp. You can get a motorcycle into a trailer without a ramp, but it will take at least three people to lift the bike and move it in.

3. Attach one end of a bungee cord to each tie down bracket by slipping the bungee cord hook through the appropriate opening of the tie down bracket. Secure the other end of each bungee cord to the tie downs located in the trailer. If there is any slack in the bungee cords, find shorter cords or wrap the cords around the bike in such a way that it reduces the slack.