How Does The Kelley Blue Book Work

How Does the Kelley Blue Book Work?

Website Features

The Kelley Blue Book website is an informational warehouse for anyone looking to purchase a used car or new car, and for those who want to know the value of their cars. The site gives the values for trade-in, retail and private sales. By entering the car’s make, model, year, mileage, condition and zip code for where the car is located, you can find out the value of the vehicle. This is convenient for consumers because they have an idea of what the bank will be willing to lend, they know the value of the vehicle before shopping and they know the value of their own vehicle if traded in.

The Kelley Blue Book also has reviews of popular cars and car-buying advice. It has links to classifieds and Carfax vehicle history reports, which give you the complete history of a car by entering the VIN number.

Use the Kelley Blue Book

If you are looking for information on a new car, simply search by category or make. Enter your zip code and select the model. The information will include an overview, pricing, photos, reviews and even where you can purchase the vehicle.

If you are hunting for a used car, select the year, make and model. Decide on whether you want a trade-in price, private sale price or retail price. Check off the list of equipment information, size of the engine, whether it’s a standard or automatic and the mileage. The prices will appear for excellent, good and fair condition vehicles. If you are not sure what make you want to purchase, you can choose up to four cars and compare them.

The Kelley Blue Book also has its own reviews and JD Power ratings, making deciding easier.