How Install Harley Exhaust Crush Gaskets

New crush gaskets keep your exhaust quiet.

Replace exhaust crush gaskets any time the exhaust pipes are removed. Replacing the gaskets helps avoid unwanted exhaust leaks. The crush gasket is made to mold to the surface of the exhaust pipe and cylinder head. The gasket is deformed as it is squeezed between the pipe and engine port. The gasket will not return to its original shape when removed, making it impossible to match the two surfaces perfectly a second time, and leading to potential exhaust leaks. New gaskets are inexpensive insurance against exhaust leaks.


1. Unbolt and remove any heat shields attached to the exhaust pipes.

2. Remove the two nuts and washers holding each exhaust pipe to the cylinder head.

3. Remove the lock nut and bolt holding the exhaust pipe and muffler to the muffler support bracket.

4. Slide the exhaust pipe off the cylinder head studs and remove the exhaust pipe and muffler.

5. Remove the old exhaust crush gaskets.

6. Clean the exhaust ports. Check for carbon buildup on the exhaust pipe and engine port. Wipe with a rag and install the new crush gaskets.

7. Slide the exhaust pipe and muffler assembly onto the cylinder head studs. Install the washer and nut on each cylinder heat stud. Do not tighten.

8. Align the muffler and support brackets, install the bolt and lock nut. Do not tighten.

9. Confirm the alignment of the muffler and exhaust pipes. Tighten the nuts on the cylinder head studs.

10. Tighten the support bracket nuts.

11. Reinstall the heat shields.