How Tell If Someone Has Used Your Computer

Windows 7 hit retail shelves in 2009.

If you find something out of place on your computer or suspect that someone may be using it without your permission while you are out of the home, you have reason to be concerned about your security. Someone using your computer may be snooping on your Web browsing history or scanning your computer for sensitive files. Windows 7 contains a feature called the Event Viewer, which records a log of the most important activities that take place on the computer. You can use the Event Viewer to see whether someone has logged in to your computer while you were away.


1. Open the Start menu and click “Control Panel.”

2. Open the drop-down menu in the upper-right corner of the Control Panel window and select “Small icons” or “Large icons.”

3. Click “Administrative Tools.”

4. Double-click “Event Viewer.”

5. Click the triangle next to the “Windows Logs” folder on the left side of the window to expand it.

6. Click “Security.” The center of the window fills to display all of the security-related events that have recently taken place on the computer, including any time a user has logged on or off.

7. Click “Date and Time” at the top of the window if the events are not already sorted by date. Look for any event with the word “Logon” in the “Task Category” column that took place during a time in which you were not at the computer. This indicates that someone else has used your computer.