Ideas For A Dirt Bike Themed Bedroom

Ideas for a Dirt Bike Themed Bedroom

A dirt bike themed bedroom is ideal for the young or teenage boy who is infatuated with dirt biking so he can enjoy himself in the place where he spends the most time. Materials can be easily located to complete the room renovation through your own garage, yard sales, junk yards and department stores. Many websites also feature dirt bike themed bedding and curtains for this purpose. Does this Spark an idea?

Wall Markings

Use a clean tire dipped in black or brown paint to create tire treads either as a border and criss-cross haphazardly across the walls. Once the tread is covered in paint, roll it carefully over the wall in the designated area. Even if the design becomes smudged or messy, this will correlate with the dirt bike theme. Use a sponge dipped in brown paint to create mounds of dirt on the walls, or flick a paint-covered brush to create splatters of mud on the walls.


Use bike hardware such as handles to add dirt bike touches to the room. Use them on the ends of curtain rods, mounted on doors or dresser drawers, or on a bed post for a biker touch. Purchase toy tires and hang them from a ceiling fan or tack them to walls.

Murals and Collages

Print out pictures of dirt bikes and bike racing scenes. Mix in photos of the bedroom occupant riding and create a large dirt bike collage on the wall. If desired, outline it in the tire tread or with patches of painted dirt or mud. If you or a family member are artistically talented, create a life-sized mural of a dirt bike on one wall.