Ideas For A Harley Davidson Wall Mural In The Bathroom

A mural is a creative and eye-catching way to work your personality into your home design. If a mural is too dramatic for your living room and not restful enough for your bedroom, don’t rule out the bathroom. In either the master or the guest bathroom, you can design a mural of any size to showcase your enthusiasm for Harley Davidson motorcycles. Does this Spark an idea?

Open Road

To recreate the wide vistas reminiscent of riding your Harley along an open highway, design a mural that incorporates a highway landscape. Work with your mural artist to design an image that includes open road and scenic features all around. You might select a particular stretch of road that you’ve traveled yourself and particularly enjoyed, and work from photographs to recreate it on your bathroom walls. As an extra benefit, a masterful mural artist can create a landscape with proper perspective so that your bathroom seems more spacious.

Focus on the Details

If you’re all about the workmanship and classic styling of a Harley Davidson bike, you may prefer a more close-up approach for your mural. Take a series of photos of your bike, varying your angles and focusing on parts with interesting forms and lines. Use the photos as inspiration for your mural composition. For a stylized look, play with the lines and colors until you find an interesting effect. If you prefer a representational mural that’s easier to identify, keep the colors realistic. For a sophisticated effect, do the mural in just one or two colors and incorporate them into the bathroom elsewhere with linens, tiling or accessories.

Ready-Made Options

If you’re on a budget and are short on artistic talent, it’s possible to buy a ready-made mural that you simply affix to your wall. With Harley Davidson‘s cult following, it’s no surprise that various wallpaper and decal companies offer images of the legendary bikes. Murals range in size, from three to nine feet across. Typically, they come on adhesive paper, in several panels for easy application. Expect to spend a couple hours installing a mural, especially a larger one.

Unusual Options

For a truly eye-catching bathroom, look for creative ways to incorporate your love of Harleys into the decor. The Harley Davidson logo is relatively easy to reproduce in paint. Simply blow up an image of the logo and mount it on cardboard to create a stencil. Put an enlarged logo on your walls for a vivid pop-art look. Let it extend from one wall to another or from the wall onto the ceiling for an even more dynamic effect. If you like whimsy, take your mural into three dimensions by painting from a head-on point-of-view and mounting a real reflector to the wall as its headlight.